This is an album featuring Mike Davis on double bass and Niclas Höglind on acoustic guitar. Waltz for Isak and Hello, Image are Mike’s compositions, and the rest are by Niclas. It is intimate and intense, and bears repeated listening. The interplay between the two musicians indicates a trust and empathy that results not only from years performing together but also from real friendship. 

Though this recording marks the first time in many years the two had even seen each other (Mike lives in Brooklyn and Niclas lives in Sweden), they performed together countless times in many different settings in Texas during the mid-90s. Most important among these settings was the avant-garde jazz quartet Sand, which featured Mike on bass, Niclas on electric guitar, Jacob Duncan on sax and Chris Michael on drums. The band played compositions by all members and also improvised freely during most sets. For an extended period they played every week at a small coffee shop in Dallas called Cosmic Cup (now called Cosmic Cafe). The owner Praveen was a great fan and supporter of the group, and he really gave the guys complete freedom to indulge their artistic whims. Many evenings Mike and Niclas played as a duo, and it was during those performances that a deep musical bond was formed. The trust and empathy they developed, and the intuition they explored and nurtured, has given them a single voice as a duo. When they play, even within songs such as these with somewhat traditional harmonic approaches and steady tempos, there is a feeling of liberation from rules, a feeling of expression and of the moment. 

Relationships like this are rare, but hopefully performances from this duo will not be.  


“…tracks on It Won’t Get Dark are the opposite of dense or crowded; they thrive on the use of space…Davis doesn’t conduct himself like the type of improviser who is trying to dazzle you with his chops or his technique.  He comes across as the type of improviser who wants to tell you a story.” – Alex Henderson

released February 12, 2013 

Mike Davis - acoustic bass 
Niclas Höglind - acoustic guitar 

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Matt Wilcox at Full Tilt, NYC 
Cover art/design by Mike Davis 

All music composed by Niclas Höglind except "Waltz For Isak" and "Hello, Image" by Mike Davis 

Produced by Mike Davis


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